the overshare

by rantywoman

I’m a big fan of hiding people from my Facebook feed, and I do find photos of babies cute, but I think this writer missed one big point:

At first I felt a bit guilty about posting all these photos on Facebook – along with the status updates about his milestones and the occasional gush about how much I love him. I worried that I would be boring my childless friends who were out doing exciting things; achieving brilliantly at work, going to fun parties, attending concerts. They expressed intelligent political views, shared links of cultural significance, travelled to exotic locations. Meanwhile I was posting photo after photo of my son on his sheepskin rug.

Never once does she consider friends who might be infertile or otherwise experiencing difficulty having kids.  It has not occurred to her that they, or even women who have chosen not to have children, might feel isolated amongst the barrage of baby photos.