by rantywoman

I too have felt the dread of babymania over the royal heir:

It’s interesting reading the comments, such as this one:

When my husband and I met, we were friends with all these other couples and we were all in the dating stage. All the couples ended up getting married, including us but we were the last to get married. We watched them all buy homes, have children, and, as my husband described it last night, watching them all acquire the things in life everyone dreams about. It was just us and this other couple that didn’t have children and we felt more normal with them. And, all those couples who had kids excluded us from their lives in all their parties. Now my husband’s friend and his wife are part of that group, and we are left out in the cold. He said he feels more alone in this than ever. It also doesn’t help that a childless couple we were good friends with moved out of State 2 years ago and we haven’t been able to find a replacement. You are lucky to have 2 other couples in your situation because it really can be a comfort. All the people we know who have children really don’t understand our emotions about this, they pity us and that’s the worst part of all. I understand your husband’s difficulty talking about this — most men can’t talk about their feelings to begin with. But even for me, as a woman and the infertility was all my issue, I couldn’t talk about it until recently. 

For the first time it has occurred to me that in some respects it is easier to deal with being childless as a single woman.  Of course, having the emotional support of a partner would be great, but being entirely outside the circle of coupledom keeps me removed from all the parent talk and in a different realm altogether.