by rantywoman

Yesterday I heard about a moderately successful celebrity (not a household name but if you really pay attention to the Industry you would know who he was), comfortable but not wealthy, who, in his early forties, has just taken up with a striking model, in her early twenties, from a prominent family.  Before this new girlfriend he’d been in a long relationship with an extremely attractive woman in his same line of work who is just a few years younger than him.

I can certainly imagine the new, young girlfriend being smitten by his charm and him being taken with her beauty and an attraction spontaneously igniting;  I can’t presume he will only date younger women from this point on.  And yet.  The whole thing feels so aggressive against women his own age who are his peers.  His former girlfriend seemed like a much more equal match.  I also have to wonder about the stability of this new arrangement.  Fast forward a few years:  she’s 30 and still young and beautiful, while he’s pushing 50.  But, I suppose he may not care that much about the long term.

Recently I heard of another older performer who briefly met and married a woman from the other side of the world, a woman who doesn’t speak English and who relocated her children to live with him here.  I just thought… really?  You couldn’t find an English-speaking woman in a city of millions and millions of people?

Then again, I live here and my own prospects aren’t great, especially when attractive older men, already in short supply, choose options like the ones above, options I personally wouldn’t be interested in.

I’ve been reading this book, though, called The Means of Reproduction by Michelle Goldberg and realizing just how much worse women have it in other parts of the world, so I’m feeling lucky all the same.