by rantywoman

Ironically, in my very unscientific survey of “Girls”-watchers, teens and 20-year-olds didn’t register the fight as being as significant as viewers 30 and up did. Why? One reason might be that while the fight begins with accusations of selfishness and not listening, jealousy over having a boyfriend — something girls accuse each other of all the time — the underlying issue fueling the blow-up is money and power, something that, as you get older, you realize is a huge deal. In college, we’re all for the most part equal, and because this is America, allegedly have the potential to achieve the same level of wealth. However, outside of college the scale is different as personal worth becomes equated with financial worth…

We know that these women are going to grow, and in different directions as they must. However, no matter who they grow up to be, they were becoming who they will eventually be, together. That shared history and intimacy belongs to them and one time, and it won’t be repeated. Not only is it impossible. It’s too intense.

In those early friendships we learn what it is to be in love. We learn how badly we can be burned by another person, how easily a friendship can be extinguished. In the future, we are, for better and worse, more careful with our hearts.