by rantywoman

There’s a small group of four women, of whom I am one, who are over forty and have been hanging in there in a particular ballet class for several years.   Only one of the four of us is partnered (married with a child).  It made me wonder if part of our devotion to ballet is our desire  to explore our physicality– to push our bodies, play with them, see what they can do– in the absence of an ongoing sexual relationship.

I did read a book a few years ago about a woman, a wife and mother,  who became a yoga devotee; obviously single women are not the only ones who want to explore their physicality through dance and exercise.  But I do think the absence of a partner, and perhaps the experience of giving birth, could be one of my motivators.  I didn’t become seriously addicted to movement until my thirties, but since turning thirty it has been one of my real pleasures in life.