by rantywoman

I had to go out of town for a couple of days (business-related), and the only return flight I could find arrived a little before midnight on New Year’s Eve. I drove home from the airport just as fireworks exploded all around me. It felt like a celebratory “welcome back” from the city I am soon to leave again.

I didn’t have any New Year’s Eve invitations to turn down, as I didn’t receive any. My friends here spent the evening with partners and/or children.

Today I took a celebratory New Year’s plunge into a popular swimming hole surrounded by strangers and families.

And yet, none of this bothered me. Perhaps I’ve finally turned a corner. Last night and today I felt less concerned with things not turning out the way I once expected or wanted and more accepting of the way things actually are. I can only control my own actions; the rest is an unpredictable ride.

I have few resolutions this year, as moving and starting a new job is enough to take on. I do have a few food-related ones, but my only other resolution is to complain less and delight more.