by rantywoman

Quite a few women had been inspired by the daughter, mother, grandmother triad traveling together who seemed to be genuinely enjoying each other’s company. For my part, I had been watching this reunion as though I was Margaret Mead, observing the customs of a miraculous and magical family unit utterly unlike my own. Mainly I was astonished by Michelle, the granddaughter, who answers the question “What inspires you?” with “I know people who hate their parents. And hate their birthdays. And hate getting old. But I look at my mother and my grandmother and I think, “How can I not look forward to that next stage?'” Amazing, I thought, unable to remember having had a single moment like the one she was describing, trying not to dwell on images of my frequently unhappy mother and depressed grandmother.

— Merrill Markoe, Cool, Calm & Contentious, p. 242