hotel california

by rantywoman

L.A. is turning into a haunted house that won’t let me leave…

I just had one of the worst weeks of my life. Between several days of coping with someone who might well have borderline personality disorder, suffering a daily migraine, and getting in a car accident (a week before my road trip), I thought I might just lose my mind.

Despite all, I got back in the saddle this weekend and participated in a big outdoor event and also managed to connect with someone I’ve long since admired from afar.

Things are looking up again, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the big earthquake doesn’t hit before I carry out my escape.

One thought that crossed my mind repeatedly last week was, “Thank goodness I don’t have kids.” I honestly don’t know how I would manage all this if I was also dealing with children. I’ve really turned a corner on that one and know I no longer have the energy to parent. I also realized that I never, ever had the desire to have a child on my own, so I’m glad I never wasted time going down that road.