hollywood endings

by rantywoman

I can hardly drag myself to Hollywood fare these days, and I’m afraid Silver Linings Playback would annoy me because of this:


Like Midnight In Paris, I’d argue that The Silver Linings Playbook is a mediocre and contrived romantic comedy that is getting overpraised at least somewhat because it’s told from a man’s point-of-view.  It’s no secret that we often place more reverence in male melodrama than female melodrama and how we view romantic comedies through the gender prism is arguably the best example of such.

But mostly because of this:


If I live another 80 years I’d be glad never to see another film where guy and girl play cocktease with each other until the last 10 minutes, after which we see them kiss and cuddle in a Christmas dinner living room scene surrounded by their equally contented, reformed, and satisfied friends and family.

I have a friend right now who is miserable (despite being financially blessed and a parent) because her first romantic relationships post-divorce haven’t worked out and her extended family is not fitting the above scenario quite so easily this holiday season.

It’s totally understandable why we have these expectations but man they seem to make people miserable, being so ill-matched to reality.