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Olivia (from the blog Reading in the Bath) suggested I watch the movie Ladies in Lavender, which I squeezed in this weekend and enjoyed.  The theme seemed to be regret over a life not lived.  At least that was my perception– that the reason one of the older women in the film falls in love with […]

the scorched earth

Mary tried to be fair, but her jealousy was beyond all bounds. Possibly Mrs. Herbert had been shy. Possibly she might be something more than beautiful, rough, rude, brainless, vulgar. This was Mr. Herbert’s serious permanent choice. She had been an amusement, a very small incident. “But I am superior,” she thought. — F.M. Mayor, […]

romantic comedies

I’ve actually met some men “in real life” lately and do find that method vastly preferable to online dating. Although nothing appears likely to work out, at least I’ve had some fun distractions, and I’ve maintained my sense of humor through it all. The man that is most appealing to me is around my age […]

vicious circles Carbone and Cahn describe these developments in terms of the concept of “marriage markets.” Many scholars from all political and philosophical persuasions object to the very idea of treating intimate relationships as something that should ever be the product of calculation or exchange. Yet, most also agree that supply and demand affect “price.” Carbone […]

the regrouping

It turns out that a man I was set up with on a blind date here was also set up with a woman who used to work at my same place of employment, while the man who pulled the recent disappearing act just showed up on the Facebook page of another single blogger, posed in […]

pros and cons Steven, 40 In my 20s, I lived for several years with a girl who wanted to settle down, but I hadn’t got the wild streak out of my system. After that, I went berserk and I’ve not settled down since. I have days when I’d like someone to be around, but about 90% of […]

the layering

In my early thirties, I took up partner dancing and became entranced. It led me to ballet and other dance hobbies. I still practice ballet and, in my new home, occasionally salsa and tango. The scene here has been welcoming. When I was living in the heart of L.A., I enjoyed going to comedy shows, […]

the bubble

I attended a dance class the other night that cheered me up. It reminded me once again of all the things I’ve been able to do because I’ve been childless. I have had an unusually rich life in many ways, with many twists and turns. It’s too bad so few people are interested because I […]

after thoughts

It’s been easy enough to find people here to go to a movie with, or play tennis with, or catch a show with. When it has come to real needs, however, I’ve found little in the way of substantive assistance. Needs such as: I need help moving. I need help finding a job. I need […]

starting from scratch

I pushed myself out of the house this past weekend and am glad I did. I went out to hear live music and was asked to dance several times and also attended the screening of an environmental film that gave me some idea of how I can spend my free time if I end up […]