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online dating- what happened?

I have spoken to my newly-divorced friend about online dating, but I can no longer recommend it much. What has happened to online dating, anyway? When I first dipped my toe in its waters back around 2002, Nerve/Salon/The Onion had a great dating website whereby you could have a hidden profile that you were able […]


We will settle, more or less comfortably, into the choices we made or had thrust upon us– this mate, these children, this job and home and community– and watch our other choices melt irretrievably into fables. The man I might have married but didn’t. The children I lost or didn’t have. The opportunities I let […]

touching base

I’ve been moved in for two months; here is the social review. The roommate situation is turning out to be a bit of a disaster, of course, and may not last long. People, in general, are very friendly, but I’ve still been blown off a bit. Online dating has been a big fat zero. A […]

marking time

 They say that every seven years we change.  I’m not sure if I believe it, but I often examine my life through that prism. Certainly 28-35 would have been a good time to start a family, and when that didn’t happen, at 35, I started searching around for what to do next.  I moved across […]

nine months

I know a kundalini yoga guru who says it takes nine months to enact any real change in a life. It’s been nine months since I (mostly) abandoned online dating and let nature take its course in terms of meeting someone new.  Hasn’t happened. I’m now facing a new nine-month stretch, one that will determine […]

one of those days

I’m having one of those days where I feel like there are absolutely no eligible men left. This past week I perked up after meeting someone who is throwing an event at my workplace.  I was suddenly intrigued although I’d met him once before.  He doesn’t have a Facebook page, but after a bit of […]

half past done

I’m realizing with this latest experiment that I’m half past done with online dating. I did a ton of online dating in my thirties, including quite a bit when I first moved here.  I’m feeling the need to try new things and meet new people again, but at the same time I’m feeling sorry for […]