magic formulas

by rantywoman

I’ve come to believe that, outside of Sara Eckel, there’s nobody currently out there writing anything of real intelligence or worth about dating. This commenter sums it up pretty well:

Ali • 2 years ago

A big crop of these relationship experts are out there with trendy advice, acting like they’ve just solved the big mystery and they have some new and exciting breakthrough.

The reality is that the core of how to attract a compatible partner isn’t very jazzy. Basically, it boils down to finding someone where you both:

-Are mutually attracted to each other

-Have a foundation of common values

-Share common interests/sense of humor/ideas of what’s fun

-Respect each other

-Treat each other with courtesy and honesty

-Have common relationship goals

-Have solid self-esteem

Add in a dash of hard work and/or luck to find each other, and there’s your relationship advice. It’s hard to find all of those things at once, so it usually takes time and having some duds along the way, but there really isn’t some magic formula.

However, that doesn’t sell books, so that’s not what the “experts” talk about. Instead, they write a book about harnessing the power of your astrological sign to find a mate. Good grief.