dudes on dating

by rantywoman

Two male comics discuss dating and the pressure to get married here: http://joederosacomedy.com/?p=412

I have a friend who had been divorced when she started dating again and she looked for (and found) a man who had also been divorced. To her being divorced means that you’ve been through a trial by fire and would know better next time how to make a marriage work.

I’m the opposite. I’m very attracted to that rare species of man who is over forty and has never been married or had kids. It’s a factor of similar lifestyles. If he’s sane and smart and sensitive… ooh la la.

I’m unfamiliar with the other comic but am very surprised that someone like Neal Brennan would use online dating. Maybe guys have it harder than I thought. I’m tempted to assume it’s because they are searching for someone young and extraordinarily good-looking, but it sounds like they just want to find that good match.