the effort

by rantywoman

How I relate to this:

Q: In the book, you say that you haven’t known what to wear for a few years now. Has that changed?

A: First of all, how you look physically is the least of the issues at 50. I want to make that clear. But I do write about it because at a certain point you’re just not sure what you’re comfortable in anymore. It takes a lot of effort at this age not just to get dressed, it’s everything — eating the right foods, taking the supplements, getting the right amount of exercise, remaining economically viable. It’s a lot of work. For me, it takes a lot of coffee. And vitamin D.

Also, the last chapter of her book, “The Four A.M. Club,” was to me the most poignant:

Q: The last chapter of your book is a collection of women’s thoughts at 4 a.m. Why 4 a.m.?

A: At 4 a.m. I’m wondering what city I’m in because I’m on a book tour. And I’m wondering if I can get a good espresso at 5 a.m. I find 4 a.m. to be a real time when people at this age have these funny and serious thoughts about life.