both worlds

by rantywoman

Last weekend I went to an event in my community and, as usual, ran into several people I know through my job, which was fine. It was all very welcoming. I enjoyed the event and it’s a good thing for me to get out and network. There were no single men to meet, as far as I could tell, except the one I’ve already been set up with.

The next day I drove up to Los Angeles for an art show and a comedy show (among other things), and although it was a long and tiring day, the thrill I felt at leaving everything behind and being around people who have nothing to do with my current life and have entirely different priorities from marriage/family/stability was immense. There were single men around, but mostly either much older or much younger, and I’ve already been through the difficulties of finding a relationship in L.A.

Regardless, I’m lucky that this beach oasis is not in the middle of nowhere, hours from a big city. I may be able to strike upon a “best of both worlds” scenario, where I can enjoy the ease of life here and then easily escape when I need a wider view.