by rantywoman

I once placed a lovely but unusual artifact up for sale on Craigslist and had no takers. There was nothing wrong with the artifact itself, but at that particular moment in time, there was no market for it.

To a large degree I think that’s what explains my (lack of) a dating life. There’s just very few men in the market for the particular combination of what I have to offer.

The one thing that used to puzzle and hurt, however, was when I encountered men with whom I shared the same sense of humor, hobbies, politics, books and movies, education, and general outlook, and with whom there seemed to be physical attraction, and they still weren’t interested, or they weren’t interested in anything long-term.

Sometimes I think that it’s not just online dating– with it’s promise of endless possibilities– but our oversaturation in media culture that is to blame. I consider myself an attractive woman with a good education, a salary that has recently nudged me into the top twenty percent, and, I think, a nice and interesting personality. That, in combination with genuine compatibility, would, I assume, make an appealing package. But I’m not a traffic-stopper or a trust-funder, nor am I well-connected or famous. And, of course, now I’m “old.”

No matter how fast I run, though, that’s a race I can never win, not from my starting line.