the delicious

by rantywoman

I live in that solitude which is painful in youth, but delicious in the years of maturity.” – Albert Einstein

Minds previously each preoccupied with their own concerns defer to the other’s topic of interest, so as to arrive at a more shared and unified perspective on the object of attention or the topic of debate… insistent bleak ruminations diffuse and scatter as the mind mingles with the mind of an intimate or congenial companion.” – Marcel Kinsbourne, What Should We Be Worried About?, p. 87

I spent the bulk of this three-day weekend with other people, putting in a full day on Saturday at a party and a full day on Sunday with work colleagues and visiting another friend. On one hand, I agree with the latter quote above– it often does lift my mood to interact with other people and it usually puts me in a much more optimistic frame of mind. On the other, I would have loved the weekend all to myself to get through another pile of books, study Spanish, get some cooking done, clean my apartment, and think.

Also, the friends I spent the weekend with are still on the active hunt for a partner, and as I have written before, I am not. I’ve already spent two decades on that hunt and am not eager to waste a third! In every other area of my life, if I put in the effort, I get results; not so with trying to “meet someone.” Again, I’m open to it, but it will have to happen serendipitously while I’m out and about, pursuing the things I would be doing anyway.