by rantywoman

Perhaps, with all the recent media attention on the large population of single people, the stigma is starting to wane:

Yes, you’re still “great” and more than capable of living a happy, fulfilling life, whether or not you’re involved with someone romantically. But also know that feeling waves of self-doubt and insecurity are totally normal. You may never want to get married or even be monogamous — or you may be open to the possibility of meeting someone without actively looking for a relationship.

With barely half of U.S. adults married as of 2011 (a record low, according to the Pew Research Center) and delayed marriage on the rise (the median age for women at first marriage in 2011 reached 27, a record high), the conversation about singles is shifting. Considering the ever-growing population of women living abundantly happy lives without a partner, how could it not?