the inactive

by rantywoman

From age 32-40 I was actively looking for a partner. I did a lot of online dating and dissected my romantic travails with my friends. A few would get annoyed with me, saying they didn’t want all our conversations to be about dating, but I think my behavior was pretty normal for my age, as 32-40 is the home stretch for creating a certain kind of family.

I get that annoyance now though, as I no longer consider myself actively looking. I’m open and hopeful but no longer go to events or places solely to meet men, and I no longer do online dating. My immediate goals do not revolve around marriage and children. Occasionally I now find myself bored with conversations about dating, but I try not to show it.

People are where they are and feel what they feel. Sometimes a romantic relationship is the top priority, and no amount of shaming is going to change that.