the crazy-making

by rantywoman

Needless to say, I never heard from that guy again, the one from a few weeks ago who I admired so much and hit it off with so well. I’ve learned that when the disappearing act occurs I’ll feel irritated and snappy for a few days but then, like most women, I’ll just move on. Pretty soon I’ve forgotten the dude altogether. This is what we’re advised to do, and I’m unsure what the other options would be, but it doesn’t seem to approve the overall dating landscape when nobody ever gets called on the carpet!

You’re finally dating. You’ve worked through the early stages of dating communication weirdness and you’re on the other side. Things are moving right along. You are literally saddling up the horse to ride off into the sunset to Happily Ever After when . . . he vanishes. Poof! Gone, without a trace. Last night he sent you a sweet “Good night, beautiful” text and conveniently left off the: “Have a nice life.” You literally go from talking multiple times a day and seeing each other multiple times a week to checking the sides of milk cartons for his face. WHAT WENT WRONG? Unfortunately, in these types of situations, you rarely ever get real closure. Usually the guy just disappears into the night, never to be seen or heard from again