by rantywoman

Although I don’t agree with all of it, this article in Psychology Today does a decent job of outlining many of the challenges in dating today:

Once again, however, I disagree with this statement (and am perturbed it is now making its way into Psychology Today):

“Stop lamenting men. We are what we are and besides you were too back when it was your world and you could flick us away when we bored you.”

I don’t believe the dating world was ever my oyster. Basically, my thoughts are this: since everyone is available in their early twenties, both men and women have lots of options. Both men and women reject and get rejected at that age, probably in equal measure. Both learn through these experiences and hopefully come out wiser from them by the time they are in their thirties. Only men, however, are seen (at least by proponents of this theory) as being able to benefit from this greater wisdom and sensitivity. Women, in this scenario, are already washed up by twenty-five; they “had their chance” and blew it.

I do agree with much of his advice at the end of the article, although, for the record, I have hobbies, demand little in the way of time from men I date, and hope to find someone with whom I can work on a big goal/ project for the future. I have to say, none of that has helped.