the unsuitable

by rantywoman“Where+Are+the+Suitable+Men”+PART+2

I take a deep breath. There is this blanket rule of blaming single women altogether for their circumstance. But the truth is, most men don’t want to settle down, at least not until they are in their late thirties or forties. And women are told to pretend they don’t want to be married because it will scare the men off. A woman is labeled “desperate” to be married if she admits she wants to be married until she meets a man who is ready to be married. It’s a rather disingenuous way to live for both genders.

It somehow became unnatural for a woman to want to be married and have children. Women are walking on eggshells with men, as if even this hint of marriage might deem her “crazy” or “desperate.” Even checking the box on an online dating site in your twenties or even early thirties saying you want to “get married” makes you seem as if you’re coming on too strong. And yet, before you know it, you’re deemed “too old” to marry.