gimme a break

by rantywoman

I’ve never understood mothers who say that going to the office is like “getting a break.” Those women must not be managers or directly involved with customers.

When I was volunteering, I didn’t have to worry about co-worker conflicts, or the poor performance of employees, or the (sometimes) unreasonable complaints of customers. I just went in and did my part cheerfully and left.

Ditto with being a student. I might have felt bad for the young man who was failing out of the class, but he was the teacher’s concern, not mine. Nor was the student who was cheating on the exams my problem. I was responsible for my performance alone.

How little I understood as a young person, when the bulk of my experience was as a student or volunteer, just how demanding working life could be. I imagine that being a stay-at-home wife and mother is more like my younger life, when I was responsible primarily for my own business and not everybody else’s.