by rantywoman

I hope (vow, actually) to never let myself again get to the point where “I hate my life” is my first thought upon waking:

In fact, it’s an issue that’s becoming increasingly problematic now that redundancies have left the remaining staff to cope with impossible workloads, too afraid to object for fear they’ll be next in the firing line.

Dr Borysenko believes women suffer so severely because they are more likely than men to be people-pleasers who ignore their own needs.

Trapped in a cycle of trying to do their best, but not realising the toll it’s taking on them, they end up in a cycle of despair.

‘Burn-out is a disorder of hope. It sucks the life out of competent, hard-working people. You lose motivation and vitality,’ says Dr Borysenko, a Harvard-trained scientist and psychologist.

‘It happens when you feel you can’t stand it for one more minute. You have such thoughts as: “I hate my life.” The risk for women is that so many don’t notice it’s happening to them until they’re so far down that road it’s hard to come back.’

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