The evolution of women’s rights has propelled tens of millions of bright and talented women into the workforce over the past several decades — a very good thing. Our successes in business and commerce, in the arts, sciences and humanities have given so many of us great satisfaction and a sense of personal fulfillment. But there have also been unintended consequences, among them a dramatic surge in the number of women who do not have children, whether by choice or happenstance.

I am one of these women. Moreover, in my decades as a holistic psychotherapist, a great number of my clients have been, and continue to be women trying to come to grips with palpable feelings of loss over the unimagined void of not becoming a mother. As a consequence I have felt compelled to build a platform to engage this growing population. Opening the gates of acknowledgement, conversation and connection yields opportunities for all of us to share our experiences, struggles, triumphs and possibilities with one another.