little victories

by rantywoman

There’s something very touching to me about someone almost communicating to themselves in some way — trying to come to some deeper understanding of yourself and having compassion for yourself. And Amy is a perfect vessel, in a sense, for someone who has these grand, grand dreams of what she’s going to accomplish.

But the little victory is what happens. You know, each episode is not some big change, but she comes to some wisdom about what her expectations were. I think of “Annie Hall” at the end, where she walks away. The relationship didn’t work and yet he’s looking at her as she walks away and he says, “I’m lucky to know her and she’s such a great person.”

Something about that feels so true to me. You never in life have that moment of just pure connection with someone else. It’s always, you know, you watch them walk away and you are ruminating on the relationship and how it matters to you. There’s something bittersweet about it because you’re still this separate, solitary person –- [but] there’s something beautiful about how we always come back to ourselves. Being able to be comfortable with that is what I think life is about.