by rantywoman

When I first moved here, it was difficult for me to read the local weekly, as I still felt too strongly attached to L.A. Everywhere else felt like a step down. It took me a while to move on emotionally and to feel like I could invest in this city again.

Within the last six months, however, I’ve been able to “bloom where I’m planted,” and just recently a mid-level job opened within about three miles from my home at my old organization. It would be the perfect job at the perfect time. I’m wrapping up Spanish II and have signed up for a night course of Spanish III in the spring. I could continue volunteering at the farm or at the very least subscribe to a weekly CSA box, and I also have my eye on a community garden within walking distance from my home. My condo is finally all fixed up, and I have a small empty room that could be easily transformed into a sewing space.

But the best-laid plans of mice and men oft go astray. I continue getting signs and signals that the door at my old org is closed. Next week I fly back to L.A. for a high-level post that I’d have a hard time turning down. My old company there is also calling, and I can’t put them off much longer.

If I have to abandon ship, do I lose all? If I get the upcoming job, I can’t foresee having the time or space to sew. Ditto with gardening. I don’t think I’d have the time or opportunities to work on a farm there, and Spanish III is not offered online.

All is not lost however. I could still subscribe to a CSA box and roast and cook up healthy vegetables using the time-saving techniques I have perfected during this sojourn. I can still apply the healthy principles I picked up at the cooking class I took back in March. I could find a Spanish practice group, practice with co-workers, or continue working through the textbook on my own.

I think I’ll survive a replant and bloom again.