by rantywoman

One of the tough things people suffering with infertility can go through is the decision to call it quits. It gets to a point where they have to recognize their limits, both financial and emotional.

Along those same lines, I’m hitting my limits with the job search. If none of my current prospects pan out, I don’t have it in me to continue in this vein in the new year. I’m all out of strategies, for one thing.

Additionally, while I’ve had a number of good experiences in this city, buried in the backyard of my psyche is a growing list of bad ones. I don’t have anyone I can talk to in depth about them, either.

I’m very seriously considering going back to L.A. and my old organization if nothing has panned out by mid-December. On certain long, quiet days, when feelings of inevitability creep over me, it’s hard for me not to go ahead and start packing.