solid earth

by rantywoman

I spent a sixth day on the farm this week; I feel like I’ve completed a continuing ed course in organic farming. One of the middle-aged women I volunteered with before took the (extremely) part-time job that was open at the farm and is, yes, driving people around in a truck (the task I couldn’t see myself doing). She does contract work for a living so it was easy for her to add in the minimal hours. There’s been some bad weather, however, and she told me she has already had some second thoughts about accepting the job.

I’ve learned a lot about cooking with vegetables from this endeavor, and I now know of a group I can turn to for training in backyard gardens if I do end up moving to the country. It’s been a worthwhile experience, but, as with the rest of my sabbatical, it feels like it’s coming to an end.

And I am ready for this six-month sojourn to wrap up. I’m lonely. I need to start a job and get rooted somewhere. I’ll be lonely if I go back to Los Angeles, I’ll be lonely if I move to the country, and I’ll be in my same lonely place if I remain where I am, but with a job I’ll have a starting place to work from at least.

I’ve had enough of being “up in the air.” I need some grounding.