by rantywoman

In October of 2011, in the midst of overwhelming work stress, I received an email from an old friend gushing about her fabulous new husband and beautiful new baby and all-around perfect life. “I couldn’t be happier,” she wrote.

That email precipitated a flood of tears from me and triggered my grieving process. In the following year, I took up kundalini yoga, started writing this blog, and began devising a Plan B. I felt my life had to change.

Interestingly, October 2011 is when Enlightened debuted. If only I’d had HBO! I had no idea a parallel journey was taking place on T.V.

The show ended in March 2013, the month I quit my job and embarked on a new life. Of course, things have not gone quite according to plan. I’m now living the Season 3 that we never got from Enlightened.