never married, over forty, a little bitter


And yet single people, of all ages, say they feel ignored as voters and taken for granted as employees.

In our recent Mind & Mood report, there was a lot of complaining from participants who were single and who didn’t have children about how they felt penalised for their “life decisions”.

the details

I was listening to a podcast this morning in which two men discuss feelings of loneliness and how it is difficult to find people who really listen to you or notice things about your personality.

At least one has a partner, and both appear to have more exciting lives than I do, so it was one of those nice reality checks for me. It was also nice to hear a guy talk about his worries that perhaps he is too accepting of and accommodating of his friends’ faults and that maybe he should call them out on stuff more often. I definitely relate to that:

game of chance

I’m in the midst of four strong job possibilities– one would entail a career change, one is located a few blocks from me at my old organization, one would involve moving to a nearby picturesque small town that defines “country living,” and one would involve moving back to L.A.

I can’t predict what will happen but hopefully something will.