alternative lives

by rantywoman

I spent another great day on the farm today and had all kinds of interesting conversations about cooking and hydroponics and communal living and substitute teaching and travel and living in a yurt. I detect a groundswell of change out there. People seem less and less willing to spend their lives in traffic and office cubicles while global warming destroys the planet.

I am so happy I had this break, and things are finally looking up on the job front. I have an interview next week, have several more applications filed here, and am moving along in an interview process for a good job back in California. I have a little more hope these days. If I’m employed by the end of the year, I’ll feel like I won. I got some much needed time off; I took all the classes I wanted; I refreshed my job skills; and I reconnected with my former home and with family.

I won’t have managed to escape the 40-hour-week and I failed at living communally, but at least I tried, and I’ll have a much better attitude about full-time work after having this time off.

I’ve also gotten some glimmers that big-time change could, in fact, be possible for me if I were really willing to go the distance. There are some small opportunities on the farm, but in reality I don’t think a middle-aged bookworm such as myself is truly suited to driving people around in a truck, surveying the fields, etc. I might also be able to figure out a way to survive as a part-time substitute teacher with another roommate. But I’m unsure whether that scenario would make me any happier than just taking another secure, full-time gig, as I don’t have any particular desire to teach.

I hope, in the end, I get one offer, and just one, within the next six weeks. Admittedly, I don’t want to take the responsibility for my life that having more than one offer would entail. I’m not in the mood for more decisions! I’d rather just be grateful that I finally got a job, and just at the right time, and take it from there.