cushy jobs

by rantywoman

I had always balked at pursuing a top post in my field because I thought it would be too stressful to take on as a woman alone, especially if I had to move somewhere solo to do it. Now, ironically, those are the posts I’m applying for, as I feel more refreshed and up for the challenge and because I don’t really fit in entry or midlevel jobs anymore.

I just read a blog post by someone who took a Director job in my field, and it did confirm my worst fears: having to cope with substantial increases in the homeless and mentally ill population; death threats, lawsuits, and physical attacks; unsupportive and critical staff; critical letters from “support” groups; and complaints from the public. If people knew the “helping” profession I was in this would seem unbelievable and comic, but that is only because most people have no idea how badly the behavior of the general public has deteriorated.

On the positive side, this particular employee did not hide her unconventional personality and refused to adopt a bland, corporate persona. So there’s that.