never married, over forty, a little bitter


From thirteen years ago:

Maurer offered a seminar to open communications about the issue. “I think there is just an innate drive to procreate. It’s the life force. I didn’t need to have a child. I wanted one and expected to have one. Many women are this way. Coming to terms with childlessness and having support is also learning to redirect your birth-giving energy into some other kind of creativity, because that’s what it is: Birthing equals creating.”


I don’t live in this city, but this is interesting and perhaps the idea will spread:

Out culture emphasizes marriage and family as the best and perhaps only way to be happy….maybe some of us haven’t made
that happen, thru no fault of our own…and may feel shame as well as deep loneliness without the imagined emotional, as well as spiritual and physical intimacy our ideas of “our own family” conjure up. Maybe its too hard to tell even our close friends just how lonely we may be feeling, and these feelings may be wreaking havoc with us inside, pushing us to despair. Lets gather and debunk the stigma around being able to say “I’m lonely” and know we are heard and understood by others in similar situations. Maybe hearing the words “husband, wife, kids” has just gotten too deep under our skin and we needs compatriots, where we have a spell of freedom from those triggers….lets get together and talk and see where this group evolves….


Elizabeth recently attended her 25-year class reunion, and noted that every single person she was friends with in high school now is a parent.

That movement toward parenthood — that movement away from the decision to remain child-free — can feel a little like going to a great party and then watching the other guests file out two-by-two.

Hey, everybody, come back!