leaky vessels

by rantywoman

I knew the economy was truly terrible for a good five years, but I thought perhaps it had gotten better.

Well the joke’s on me. The only two offers I’ve had so far, both from an employment agency, have been bottom-level, go-nowhere positions. Keep in mind, I have an undergraduate degree from a good school and a master’s degree. I’ve never been fired. Never been arrested. No piercings, no tattoos. Never had a drug and alcohol problem, never so much have taken an antidepressant. There’s nothing in my background that would “flag” me, other than the fact that I read anti-corporate literature and thus may be on some kind-of list (I’m joking. Kinda).

I desperately needed to de-plug for a spell, and it was nice to believe in dreams for, what, a good six months? But I’ve now woken up to the smoldering ruins. I’m to the point that I would happily take a job in some boring, sleepy little burg that was inhospitable to singles. It might be preferable to dealing with the urban problems I predict are only going to worsen if things don’t turn around.

I had a plumber in today and he was telling me how there’s a worldwide shortage of plumbers. Hiring bonuses are repeatedly floated in front of their faces to try to lure them to other companies.

So my advice to the young ‘uns is, unless you are seriously academically inclined, forget the B.A. Get yourself skilled in AC repair or plumbing.

Those are the skills that are needed on this sinking ship.