waiting games

by rantywoman

The other day I saw a trailer for an upcoming series on climate change. It looks like an excellent program, but I felt a little cynical about all the celebrity involvement– Matt Damon, Arnold Schwarzenegger, etc.

“Well good for them,” I thought. “All their needs are taken care of. They have plenty of money, and spouses, and kids. They can afford to worry about climate change. I unfortunately am still stuck having to worry about my economic and emotional survival.”

In reality, though, I do think a lot about climate change, and in general, I’ve found that I’ve moved to a more spiritual place in life, where I no longer care much about the dating game or the success game. That’s not where my mind is. Unfortunately, in terms of “success,” I have to force my thoughts there because I do need a job, and I do have to build security for retirement.

That’s the trick about aging as a single, childless woman. I believe the mind wants to move on to broader concerns at this age, but the woman alone has to move on from needs that may have never been met in the first place. It’s not an easy feat, but what is the alternative? Botox and endlessly trolling dating sites?