playing to strengths

by rantywoman

I’m still in a sewing class, but I don’t think it will become my hobby for the long haul. It requires a great deal of patience, which is not my strong suit. I have some talent at picking out patterns and colors and designs, but the actual mechanics of sewing frustrate me to no end. And unlike learning to dance or play an instrument or cook, the penalties for mistakes are steep. There’s a lot of thread pulling and re-buying of fabric. And then there’s the machine itself, which has an unfortunate tendency to snarl with thread or otherwise falter.

On the other hand, I’ve thrown myself into cooking with a renewed energy due to bringing home a large box of vegetables from the farm. Occasionally I mess up there too, but my mistakes are usually edible, and if not, they are not all that costly.

Perhaps I should be concentrating more on writing. I’ve always loathed the idea of going back and reading old journals; it seems emotionally excruciating to me. But I finally got my Blurb book versions of this blog out this morning and my initial impression was, “Hmmm… not bad.”