the undefined

by rantywoman

Yesterday an old high school friend of mine sent out a baby announcement. She’s my age and had her first, a son, a couple of years ago. Yesterday she had a daughter.

I no longer harbor any illusions of having a child of my own, so I was able to handle the announcement pretty well. Any pangs I did feel had more to do with where my life is at the moment and my resulting “status” or lack thereof.

If everything goes according to plan, this friend will be embedded in the status of wife and mother of two for the next twenty years. Currently, I am single, (relatively) friendless, childless, and jobless. Given that I’m on the cusp of my mid-forties, I don’t have particularly high hopes of any of that improving, save perhaps me landing some kind of job.

Nobody is going to congratulate me for taking time out to rejuvenate. I am in undefined territory.