the numbers game

by rantywoman

I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts the other day and the host mentioned that, after a couple of years of doing the podcast, he has now had over a million downloads.

I don’t advertise this blog at all, but I can assure you my number of hits is way less. Maybe 100-150 people visit on an average day, with perhaps 200-300 post views.

1-in-5 women enter their mid-forties childless. I’m unsure what that translates into as far as actual numbers; it must be huge. Yet there aren’t a ton of blogs on this subject; I routinely read only a small handful.

I am guessing this blog pops up now if one were to search the subject, so the question is, where are the readers? Are single, childless women searching out this kind of material? As a reader myself, I’m curious.