the recap

by rantywoman

I’ve only been able to put about 20% of my efforts each week into a job search thus far, but I’ve certainly gotten an education in the market here.

My original idea was to find a part-time job that would bring in a little income while I take classes and perhaps lead to something full-time a year or so down the road. Every week for the past four months I have found and applied to one or two promising part-time positions on Craigslist, but I have never heard back from any of them.

My first month here I was warned about the difficult job market, and so I decided that perhaps going back to my former employer at a midlevel professional position and reinstating myself in my pension was not a bad idea. I could be retired in ten to fifteen years if I did so. Alas, thus far I have not gotten any of the positions I’ve interviewed for.

Along the way I interviewed for a part-time clerical position at my former place of employment; the position would have granted me health insurance and gotten my language classes paid for. There was no commute and the hourly rate was better than the jobs I was applying for on Craigslist. My connections did land me an interview, but I didn’t get the job.

In the meantime I worked some connections at a “fun” place to work that would totally fit in with my past experience, but my connections couldn’t (or wouldn’t) help me. I also applied for a low-level position at another fun/glamorous company that again matches my experience, but I didn’t score an interview.

I took the tests for an employment agency, but they didn’t have any permanent full-time positions for me. Currently I have limited hours open for temp work, and the agency either has nothing for me or calls with opportunities that do not match my schedule. In one case they called with an “opportunity” that was so unappealing I could not find it in me to take it.

At the end of October I will finally have more days open for temp work, and after Christmas my schedule will be wide open. Hopefully that will help me score something I can live with, or perhaps I’ll get lucky and find something permanent on my own.

If not…? I will hope for the best.