feeding the soul (if not the stomach)

by rantywoman

Several people have suggested I get a job at the local bookstore. This is why I have not applied:

A shift at a bookstore of ******’s size can be strenuous and tiring work. Much time is spent on one’s feet and it is necessary to stay upbeat and remain positive as long as you are in the store. Because ******* is open every day of the year, 9am-11pm 7 days a week except Thanksgiving, employees must be able to work evening and weekend shifts on a regular basis and be able to come in during off hours for occasional store meetings or other store functions.

In the past years ****** has grown in national recognition and our goal is to continue to improve. Our number one asset is our employees and the level of customer service they provide. Because of this, we need employees who are willing to go above and beyond for any customer. With their help we can offer the best customer service possible.

Starting pay at ******* is $7.25/hr. Raises may be implemented but it may take at least a year (excepting promotions).