the outlook

by rantywoman

I haven’t heard back about the job I interviewed for, which is not a good sign. Once again, I interviewed with people I had worked with before, and they were quite friendly and seemed happy to see me. I’ve had to realize that doesn’t mean much in terms of getting an offer.

Recently my employment agency called me with a “great opportunity” that turned out to be a twelve-hour shift job that was perhaps one step up from the kind of thing they pull desperate people off the sidewalk to do. Another bad sign.

No responses from the part-time jobs I’ve applied for either.

At some point next year, if I’m still unemployed, I’ll have to decide if the mature thing to do is to stay rooted or to cut my losses and look for a good job elsewhere. It’s been bleaker than I expected.

I thought things had improved, but I guess not so much:

Women have lost close to 500,000 public-sector jobs since the summer of 2009. Men, comparatively, lost 290,000 such jobs.

Women have taken restaurant and retail jobs instead as teaching and other public-sector career positions that have disappeared, Joan Entmacher, vice president for family economic security at the NWLC told Bloomberg.

“They are taking jobs as baristas in Starbucks and other jobs that used to go to people without college degrees,” Entmacher said. “It’s an anecdote but it’s also a fact.”