by rantywoman

In a post from yesterday (last one standing), a commenter wrote in to say that she doesn’t like this blog because “people can smell schadenfreude, envy, self-pity and rationalization a mile away.” Although I don’t understand the motivation behind “scolding” comments, she has a point about that particular post, as it was all about how other people, in this case NoMos, had let me down. I gave a fuller response in my reply to her.

Ultimately, though, I have to stand by my perceptions and “speak my truth.” When I look up books on Goodreads that I love, some people love them, and some people hate them. If you are going to write anything beyond bland cliches, I figure you have to have a tough hide.

Perhaps some readers will relate to my experience and breathe a sigh of relief that they are not alone; that is one of my primary motivations behind writing this blog. Others might become angry, which probably warrants some self-reflection. Others might not relate at all and my experience won’t ring true for them. If there are older, single NoMos out there for whom that is the case, I’d be happy to hear from you, as that could offer a fuller portrait of this strange territory.