by rantywoman

One thing I’ve thought a lot about this past year is integrating meditation and mindfulness with “real life.” Meditation has helped me to become more calm and centered and hopefully to see things more clearly, but I want to use that place of calm to face issues in life, not to ignore them.

My anger doesn’t last as long, but it’s still there, and I think it’s healthy to still feel it. I also wonder sometimes if suppressing the “monkey mind” doesn’t cause it to rebel and flare up in protest.

I found this link helpful, especially since I recently lost a long-term friendship to this:

You detach from your partner or loved one when they’re upset or experiencing an emotion you see as undesirable. You wish they’d just meditate it away, calm down, take a walk, get a grip — do whatever it takes to get rid of the emotion. When you invalidate your partner’s negative emotions, you cause serious wounds to both of you, harming trust and intimacy.

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