the chill

I found out today that the “glamorous” position I applied for– one that was within my range of experience but in the private sector– has been filled. Apparently they were deluged with applicants, so I failed to get an interview.

I’m waiting to hear back about another position I applied for at my old organization. The promotional opportunities there have been opened internally only, so this one would be more of a lateral move. Still, I have a fair amount of competition. Once those promotions are filled, a few more slots should open in the fall or spring.

I don’t necessarily want to be employed this minute, and if I had my druthers, I would choose January or even June. These exploratory forays into the job market, however, have not been very heartening.

A slight, chill wind has begun to blow. I’m trying not to isolate, but my enthusiasm for socializing grows dimmer as my ability to stay on here long term is thrown into doubt.