ask the dust

by rantywoman

When I went to my college reunion, which was held in a beautiful but smallish city, I had a casual conversation with a yoga teacher that I wrote about on this blog. The teacher had relocated from New York City and said that, while at first she missed being away from the “center of things,” eventually those feelings faded.

I’ve only been gone from L.A. for four months and I feel the same. For the first month or so I too felt like I had left the center of the universe, but now I barely think about L.A. at all. I’m only in minimal touch with a small number of people; that probably has a lot to do with it.

I’m still glad I went though. It’s like I was granted this other life that was carved out of time. If I do end up back in my former organization, my retirement plans will be delayed by the six years I was gone, but I think it was worth it.