control freak

by rantywoman

After a year in Los Angeles I realized that two of my main reasons for moving there– finding a relationship due to the bigger dating pool and/or making a career change– were looking unlikely to happen. I then shifted my focus to the things I could control– learning the history of the region, traveling around the state, taking surfing lessons, going to shows, and so on.

I’m employing that same strategy here. I applied to four jobs yesterday that, if I have to return to full-time employment, would be good deals for me, but I can’t control the outcome. Nor can I control any kind of outcome when it comes to dating and my social life. I’m holding up my end of the bargain though by continuing with my classes and making plans to volunteer on an organic farm in the fall. At least my time here won’t be a wash; in fact, I will probably look back at this opportunity for self-enrichment fondly.

My advice for anyone contemplating a location change would be to make sure that at least some of your reasons for moving are things that are within your control.

Another thing I’m trying to do lately is make this blog into a book using a nifty website called Blurb. It has all the features I need, but during the “slurp” it continually crashes. I’m going back and forth with tech support and hoping one day the bug is resolved. In the meantime, I gotta “let go and let God.”