swimming circles

by rantywoman

I wrote long ago about swimming at a popular natural spot here and listening to a middle-aged man converse with his friend about his worries that he’d never be attracted to another woman again– that maybe his sexual life was over. And he was cute! After I moved to L.A., I came back to visit this city and that same swimming spot again and he flirted with me. Too late.

I haven’t seen him since I’ve been back, but today he reappeared! I’m not sure if he remembers me, and he’s definitely aged in the past six years, but who knows what could happen, right?

I indulged myself with an extra-expensive suit at the beginning of summer because it was the one that looked best on me. Most of my flirting has happened at the swimming holes, so it’s been a good investment.

I do think the secret to life at this age is to immerse yourself in learning and the things you love, whether that is a sport, a hobby, a new skill, or whatever. After forty, forget the bars. Forget the dating sites. Forget anything that involves standing around hoping to be noticed. Find your loves and maybe love will find you– and if not, you may be too immersed in your life to care.

At least, that’s my theory today.