by rantywoman

My roommate is out of town and, after some wavering, I allowed myself a rendezvous with a former fling. I tell myself it was for “health” reasons, and I do think there is something to that.

The thing that is unsatisfying about this particular fling is that he doesn’t make me feel that good about myself. He’s narcissistic and enjoys praise himself, but he doles out little. He also loves to bring up other young, good-looking, and successful women.

If I know one thing, it’s that there will always be younger, better-looking, more successful, and wealthier people out there, and the comparison game is deadly. One of my most important requirements in a long-term partnership is that my partner and I highly value one another.

This is an interesting article; I’ve certainly found that I get more attention here than I did in L.A.:

There are, of course, beautiful women in other parts of the country. But L.A. is a mecca, attracting the most beautiful. Women don’t look like this anywhere else in the country, and certainly not in the quantity they do here.

L.A. is an adopted city for me, as it is for many. Born in New York, I wonder from time to time what shape my life would have taken if I hadn’t moved here in the 1970s. Whatever else, I would not have been saturated with the sight of so many beautiful women on a daily basis. But then I remember; these are the women whose images are broadcast all over the globe. While most people do not live in L.A., they visit it every day when they turn on the TV or go to the movies. It is safe to say that, to one degree or another, we all live in the shadow of the Hollywood sign.