tipping points

by rantywoman

When I started this blog in January 2012, there wasn’t a whole lot out there on childless women, especially the childless-by-circumstance. Jody Day had started Gateway Women; I stumbled upon it and was delighted to find the few pieces she had posted. TheNotMom.Com was in existence, and there were a few others as well, such as Life Without Baby and Savvy Auntie, but they all felt like pioneers.

My sense is that we’re reaching a tipping point and our voices are starting to coalesce. I love the Gateway Women community; so many of the sentiments expressed on there echo earlier posts on this blog. Talk about feeling like I’m not alone! It’s downright eerie.

At some point we may even get our own conference:


I do feel less need to post now as so much of my initial motivation was to be heard and understood. Less than two years later I see it happening– we are hearing and connecting and understanding.